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Free agent now says he’s sorry to Tottenham fans, they’ve been slamming him on Twitter

Ben Foster has issued an apology to Tottenham Hotspur fans for all the time-wasting he did every time he played against them.

The Englishman, who is a free agent now after leaving Watford at the end of last season, seems to be starting a career as a pundit. He hasn’t retired from the game yet, but his focus at this moment in time seems to be on his work online or with the media.

Foster was on talkSPORT last night and he was asked about all the time-wasting he has done over the years.

He then shared how one of his old managers, Tony Pulis, used to order him to slow the game down every time they took a lead.

Foster revealed that Tottenham were the club that he wasted time the most against in his career. He claims that Spurs fans are still so annoyed with him that they have a go at him on Twitter to this day.

The free-agent goalkeeper said: “I played under Tony Pulis and he was the world’s best at making you time waste. If you went 1-0 up or something, his instruction was ‘you’ve got to time waste’.

“Me as a goalie, I would be the first guy to enforce that. I would take my time with a goal kick, I’d take ages over it.

“Spurs fans just give me dog’s abuse on Twitter all the time because I used to do it against them especially. Sometimes we would get good results against Spurs, it would be 1-0 or 2-1, very close games. So, I had to time waste.

“It’s not me who wanted to do it, it was Tony Pulis. I apologise, but it’s not my fault.”

Foster is 39 years old now and is one of the most experienced players in England. He has played over 500 games for club and country over the years and has never been without a club in his entire career.

However, since his contract expired at Watford this summer, Foster has been on the lookout for a new club. He knows it’s unlikely that he’ll become a first-choice at a Premier League side at his age, which is why he revealed that he’s open to joining a top club as a backup.

One of the sides he expressed his interest in joining was Tottenham’s fierce North London rivals, Arsenal. “I’d love to be able to do that, I would love to do that,” he said about the prospect of joining forces with Aaron Ramsdale at the Emirates.

That, however, will not happen this summer.