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’13 million’ – Reports out of Spain, Tottenham Hotspur have reportedly sold a defender


Whether or not Juan Foyth was on the list of players Tottenham wanted to sell or “had” to sell is unclear, either way, it looks like Foyth is leaving, writes the HotspurHQ.

The need for a rebuild at Tottenham Hotspur is not a surprise and to have a real rebuild, some outgoing transfers must occur. According to reports out of Spain, Tottenham Hotspur has sold Juan Foyth, who is not going to return from loan at Villarreal ending his tenure at N17.

Whether or not Foyth is a player that Tottenham wanted to sell or were forced to is a question that will remain unanswered.

Since the day Foyth went on loan to Villarreal, there was the possibility that he was not going to return. Maybe the option was what was needed at the time to make the loan happen or maybe Foyth’s team asked for it. Either way, in hindsight it was likely a mistake for Tottenham to let Foyth go on loan.

Despite missing 12 matches with injury – which is not insignificant – Foyth played 32 times for the Yellow Submarine, earning almost 2,500 minutes. What was most impressive was the versatility the still only 23-year-old Argentine was able to show under from Arsenal boss Unai Emery at Villarreal.

Juan made 12 appearances at right back, which was certainly an area of need for Tottenham. He also played nine games at center back, another area of the pitch where the Spurs struggled. Finally, Foyth played eight times at defensive midfield. Given Tottenham had one player play every minute of the Premier League season at defensive midfield, a little cover would have been nice.

Foyth did miss those matches with injury and is prone to a loose touch or turnover from time to time. On the whole, however, Juan is a bright young footballer and at only £12.8 million ($18 million), according to Football London, Villarreal has gotten a solid deal on a player that should only get better.

As far as Tottenham goes, in terms of the defenders we at HotspurHQ would want to see sold, Foyth is a bit lower on the list. However, with the option, it is what it is. At least with an outgoing transfer comes some incoming cash, which can turn into new players

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