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‘Lampard made it clear’ – Journalist now claims green light given by Kenwright

Journalist Greg O’Keeffe has been speaking about a Frank Lampard interview and how he now believes Everton have plans to do business in January, writes the TIF.

Everton are currently in Australia on what is essentially a second pre-season tour due to the World Cup bringing a halt to top-level club football, and when the Toffees return to league action, it won’t be long until the January transfer window opens up.

While the Toffees won’t have a massive pit of money to hand Lampard in the new year given their recent financial losses, the boss has spoken about how he and the club have a plan for the transfer window, hinting that signings will be made.

Off the back of this, O’Keeffe told the All Together Now podcast of his confidence that the Toffees will be active in January.

He said: “Frank Lampard has made it clear, speaking to Joe Thomas – a friend of this podcast, working out in Australia – and he said that they absolutely have plans for January.

“That indicates to me that even if they’re not going to go out and drop £30m on one player, they have the means to go and hopefully try and get what they need, and I suspect that might be a couple of players.

“So, we can never say we’re guaranteed [arrivals] as we know what the transfer window’s going to be like, but I think it’s heartening to hear that they at least feel they have the means to bring in a couple of players at least in January, and that’s important.”