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‘Have to say yes’ – David Moyes says player he had at Everton is the best he’s managed

Speaking to Sky Sports, David Moyes has named former Everton star, Wayne Rooney, as the best player he has ever managed, writes the HITC.

Moyes, of course, had Rooney as a budding teenager at Everton, and while he would move to Manchester United at the age of just 18, the striker clearly made a massive impression on Moyes.

Indeed, the Scot named Rooney as the best player he’s ever coached, interestingly stating that he had nothing to do with Rooney’s rise to becoming a superstar, claiming that the Manchester United legend had all of the ability in the world and was destined to become a top-class footballer.

The West Ham boss lauded his former star. “Is Wayne Rooney the best player you’ve ever managed?” Moyes was asked.

“I’d have to say yes. I’ve had some really really good players and I had some really good players at Manchester United, but when you have a boy so young and he goes onto become a superstar, and I had him again at Man United, so I’ll have to say yes. It’s not because of what the manager did, it’s what he did. He had all of the ability and he was always going to become a great player,” Moyes said.