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‘Takeover question raised’ – Every word of Everton fan group letter to Farhad Moshiri as

An Everton fan group has written an open letter to majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri asking for several questions to be answered, writes the LiverpoolWorld.

The 27 Years Campaign was formed last season and named after the amount of time the Toffees previously won a trophy.

It has called for change at Goodison Park and held protests due to their frustration at the lack of on-the-field progress at the club. Everton narrowly avoided Premier League relegation in the 2021-22 campaign and have made losses of more than £370 million over the past three years.

The group believes that Moshiri must respond to series of questions ‘given the absence of communications’ since the Iranian billionaire wrote an open letter to fans in July.

And the 27 Years Campaign has asked how Kenwright – who has been chairman of Everton since 2004 – and chief executive officer Denise Barrett-Baxendale can ‘justify their performance’ in their respective roles.

The letter says: “Since our open letter in July 2022, we respected your request to all Evertonians to ‘judge you at the end of the (summer) window’. We gave you the benefit of the doubt. We have continued to provide the manager, Frank Lampard, his team and the players, the very highest levels of support particularly on match days, home and away.

“A year ago, the 27 Campaign was formed to highlight the time since our last trophy win. Our actions, alongside other fan groups, then and since are driven by concerns as to the financing, ownership, leadership and direction (#FOLD) of our great club. We believe that issues surrounding finances, ownership, leadership and direction directly relate to our performance on the pitch.

“Regrettably, given the absence of communications and any degree of change in the running of the club, we have in an open letter format, to ask you the following questions:


“Other than the minimum statutory requirements, the club provides no information on its finances. On the back of constructing a new stadium, having extensive, continued losses and profitability & sustainability issues, it is reasonable for shareholders and fans to expect regular updates on our finances. Our finances directly relate to our ability to compete.


“Since the summer, messaging from the club has been confused. Is the club for sale? Are you seeking new investors to fund our working capital requirements? Other Premier League clubs seeking new investment or owners have appointed investment banks to handle their requirements. They have been clear with their communications. What is your intention, what are you doing and when will you communicate it clearly?


“In the near seven years since you acquired your initial shareholding you have persisted in retaining the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. There is nothing in the club’s governance, commercial, financial and indeed footballing performance, that suggests they warrant continued employment. As a result of huge losses and the squandering of resources, our competitive position declines on an annual basis in all respects. How can you justify their performance?


“What are your ambitions (if any) for the club? The building of a new stadium, in isolation, will not cure the ills that have befallen Everton in recent years. So much more is required for us to be a competitive Premier League and ultimately European competitor once more.


“We have short-term, immediate requirements, namely survival in the Premier League. But if that is not to be the limit of our ambitions in years ahead we have to see change at the football club. Change in the leadership, change in the culture that exists. You, as the majority shareholder, are the only person who can bring about that change. Surely you, with the financial commitment you have made, must recognise that change is necessary?

With respect, we ask you to directly answer the questions put to you. Tell us what changes are to be made to change the direction the club is heading.”