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‘He’s not Eriksen’ – Pochettino says Spurs star needs to stop trying to be like Eriksen

Writing in his column for The Athletic, Mauricio Pochettino has been discussing Harry Kane and how his style of play has changed, writes the HITC.

The England captain has undoubtedly changed his game in recent years, going from a focal-point number nine to one of the most creative deep-lying forwards in the world.

While this change has been hailed in many quarters, Pochettino isn’t a fan of this tactical quirk, stating that Kane’s best work is done in the box and that he needs to stop trying to play like Christian Eriksen.

The Argentine was critical of the way Kane has been playing.

“The problem is when he is constantly dropping into midfield. Sometimes that is because the team needs him, but sometimes it is because he wants to get on the ball rather than being in the box to score goals. So you need the coaching staff to decide on the strategy and game plan. And for me and my idea of football, when he’s in the box, he can be the most helpful,” Pochettino said.

“Harry is about scoring goals. He can’t think that his priority is to be a playmaker. He’s not Christian Eriksen, he’s Harry Kane. He’s one of the best strikers in the world and his main work should be in the box.”

Pochettino may think that Kane is more effective when he’s in the box, but he’s able to multi-task.

Indeed, it’s not as though Kane’s goal return has drastically reduced since he changed his style. He won a Golden Boot just two seasons ago, while if it weren’t for Erling Haaland he’d be on course to be the top scorer in the Premier League once again this season.

We can understand where Pochettino is coming from, but Kane is so brilliant in his current role that it’s hard to actually demand a change.