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Conte warned out-of-from Tottenham star he is no longer untouchable

Tottenham head coach Antonio Conte has said that any of his forwards are replaceable and if a player is out of form he can easily be replaced.

This season, the Italian has put both Son and Harry Kane in the starting lineup in all league games, while Dejan Kulusevski and Riсharlison shared the role of the third striker.

Kane’s brilliant form allows him to play in the starting lineup every game, but Son’s play has many people wondering. The Italian was explicitly asked about the South Korean player’s place in the starting lineup.

“I think when you try to build something important, when you try to build something with ambition and try to be competitive and fight to win, you have to change old habits, otherwise it means you want to stay in balance and it means you don’t want to have ambition.

“For this reason all the players have to accept the rotation especially up front, we have four players. For me especially it’s very difficult right now to drop one of these four players, but I have to make the best decision for the team, also for the players.

“Sometimes it’s better to rest and don’t start a game, to come in and play only 20 or 30 minutes and then play the following games.

“For sure I’m here to try to change the old habit. The old habit was that the players were used to playing in every game. What happened in this type of situation is that you don’t have great possibilities to win.