Alan Myers Shares If Sean Dyche Will Be Everton Manager after David Moyes Update

Alan Myers, a source close to Everton, expressed confidence that Sean Dyche will remain Everton manager next season despite David Moyes’ impending departure from West Ham.

“I doubt it,” Myers said on Monday regarding Moyes potentially replacing Dyche. “Plus I’m quite confident SD [Sean Dyche] will be our manager next season.”

Moyes, a former Everton manager himself (2002-2013), will be available this summer after West Ham confirmed his departure at the end of the season. However, Myers, along with many Everton fans, seems to favor the continuity provided by Dyche, who has guided the Toffees away from relegation danger for a third consecutive season, even amidst point deductions and ownership uncertainty.

“Without the points deductions this season, which have been through no fault of his own, Everton would be sitting comfortably in 13th place, 19 points clear of the relegation zone,” Myers highlighted Dyche’s achievements. “Despite the setbacks throughout the season, Dyche has done incredibly well to keep his squad motivated.”

This motivation was particularly evident after Everton’s initial response to an eight-point deduction, where they went on a four-game winning streak against Nottingham Forest, Newcastle United, Chelsea, and Burnley. The Toffees are currently enjoying another four-game unbeaten run, further solidifying Dyche’s position as the preferred choice for manager next season.