Alex Iwobi reflects on the fresh start under Sean Dyche and importance of pre-season

Everton midfielder Alex Iwobi has emphasized the significance of pre-season preparations in providing a fresh start for the team under the guidance of manager Sean Dyche, writes the LiverpoolEcho. After narrowly avoiding relegation last season, the Toffees are determined to improve their performance and build a stronger squad ahead of the upcoming campaign.

Following Dyche’s arrival in January, Everton managed to secure their Premier League status, finishing just two points clear of the relegation zone. Now, with the summer break affording Dyche time to instill his methods and ideas into the squad, the team traveled to Lake Geneva for a training camp, focusing on refining their gameplay and fostering team cohesion.

During their training camp, Everton secured a 2-1 victory over Stade Nyonnais, with Iwobi providing the assist for Katia Kouyate’s impressive goal. The Nigerian international expressed optimism and a sense of camaraderie among the players during this pre-season period.

“It’s been hard, it’s been hot, it’s been humid – but those conditions will help us for the season,” Iwobi shared with the club’s website. “It’s been good to be back amongst teammates as well. Good vibes, good banter. I’ve missed it. The chemistry has been very good here, and it’s nice to be back. The spirit is high amongst us.”

Iwobi acknowledged the team’s desire to avoid repeating the struggles of the previous season and emphasized the need for improvement. He expressed confidence in the squad’s quality and stressed the importance of a clean slate and fresh start under Dyche’s leadership.

“It’s a clean slate and a fresh start, and we’re working hard for it. Not just on the pitch but off the pitch, we’ve been bonding well together,” Iwobi stated.

Describing the win over Stade Nyonnais as a “small reward” for the team’s dedication in training, Iwobi highlighted the team’s fitness and sharpness. With five more pre-season games remaining before their Premier League opener against Fulham, Everton aims to continue their progress and lay the foundation for a promising season ahead.

“There’s still a long way to go,” Iwobi emphasized. “Everyone is looking very fit and sharp, even the youngsters that have been out here with us. Hopefully, it’s a promising season ahead.”

As Everton focuses on their pre-season preparations, the team aims to utilize this crucial period to refine their tactics, strengthen their bond, and ensure they are ready to compete at their best when the new campaign kicks off.