Bale has already picked his spot in the Tottenham starting XI

Jose Mourinho has revealed that Gareth Bale wants to play on the right-wing for Tottenham.

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The Welsh winger is preparing for his first start for Tottenham after securing a transfer back to his old stomping ground this summer.

He might make the first start of his second stint this weekend against West Ham United and Mourinho has revealed where he will likely start from.

The attacker was predominantly a left-winger during his first stint as a player for the club and he also starred in that role for Real Madrid when he first moved to Spain.

However, Mourinho revealed that he asked the player which was his preferred role when he joined the club and he told him that he likes to cut in from the right.

The Special One maintained that it doesn’t mean that he will play that role always, rather he will play where the team needs him to play.

The Special One said as quoted by Sun Sports: “One of the first questions in my first conversation with Gareth — because the team is the most important thing but the player is important too — was ‘What’s your favourite position?’

“I wanted to start from there and he answered me the question.

“Does that mean he will always be used in that position? No. Because the most important thing is the team, and he will play where the team needs him to play.

“But he was very clear by saying his favourite position is on the right.

“It’s not as a No 10, it’s not as a striker, it’s not any more on the left side like he did in the first years of his career at Southampton and Tottenham.

“His favourite position now is on the right side. So, that was a very good starting point of his development here.”

Source: TheBoyHotspur