Carragher questions media silence on Man City amid Everton’s ongoing scrutiny

Jamie Carragher has expressed his astonishment at the extensive coverage of Everton’s ongoing Financial Fair Play (FFP) case while comparatively little attention is being given to Manchester City and their alleged financial breaches, writes the Goodison.News. A recent report by The Telegraph indicated that Everton could potentially face a 12-point deduction if found guilty of breaching profit and sustainability rules.

Despite Everton’s case receiving significant media attention, Carragher has raised questions about the relative silence surrounding Manchester City, who are facing a staggering 115 charges in relation to financial violations. Carragher took to Twitter to voice his concerns, stating, “The Premier League wants a 12-point deduction for Everton for one charge. Man City is going to end up in the National League North if the Premier League gets its way! Unbelievable the amount of stories that come out about Everton’s situation, but Man City’s, which has 114 more charges and has gone on for much longer, has gone very quiet.”

Numerous pundits have shared their opinions on Everton’s case, with many arguing that a severe punishment is warranted if the club indeed breached the rules. The complexity of the case and the impact of COVID-19 on Everton’s financial situation have contributed to the extended duration of the proceedings.

However, Carragher’s assertion that a 12-point deduction would be fair is met with skepticism when considering the fate of other clubs guilty of similar rule violations. Manchester City’s case, for instance, spans nine seasons and includes over 100 charges, which understandably prolongs the investigation. Still, it is likely that their punishment, in relative terms, will not be as severe as Everton’s.

It’s essential to remember that the current discussions are based on speculation, with no official statements from the Premier League regarding Everton’s case. As a result, it remains to be seen whether the reported 12-point deduction for Everton will materialize or if Manchester City’s case will yield a more lenient outcome.