Chris Sutton Slams Ridiculous Premier League Amid Points Deduction News

Everton and other relegation-threatened Premier League clubs face an unsettling dilemma as the season nears its end, prompting former footballer Chris Sutton to label the situation as “ridiculous.”

Sutton’s comments come in the wake of Nottingham Forest’s appeal against a four-point deduction, throwing the fate of several clubs into disarray. The appeal, reported by BBC Sport on March 26, sets the stage for a prolonged period of uncertainty, with the potential hearing date slated for May 24 – a mere five days after the conclusion of the season.

“It’s ridiculous isn’t it?” remarked Sutton during an appearance on The Monday Night Club on BBC Radio 5 Live on March 25. “How can teams finish the season and think they have stayed up, and then not stay up? That’s wrong. They can’t let it go on. This needs wrapping up, and wrapping up quickly.”

The specter of relegation already casts a heavy burden on clubs, but Everton and Nottingham Forest find themselves in a particularly precarious position due to financial breaches. Everton initially faced a 10-point deduction for such infractions, later reduced to six, while Nottingham Forest more recently incurred a four-point penalty.

“Worrying about relegation from the top flight is stressful enough, but the Toffees and Forest have been handed extra angst given the precarious situation with their financial breaches,” Sutton added.