Compensation claims from rival clubs linked to Everton’s deduction to be assessed by SAME commission

In the aftermath of Everton’s 10-point deduction for breaching profit and sustainability rules, compensation claims from other clubs will reportedly fall under the jurisdiction of the same independent commission that delivered the penalty, writes the Everton.News. Everton is currently appealing the points deduction, which dropped them to 19th place in the Premier League standings.

The Times reports that the independent commission, responsible for the eight-month referral leading to Everton’s penalty, will now handle any compensation claims initiated by rival clubs. Five clubs—Burnley, Leicester City, Leeds United, Southampton, and Nottingham Forest—have been linked to potential legal actions seeking reparations for financial damages associated with the case.

While the independent commission initially barred these clubs from participating in the Everton case, they have a 28-day window from receiving the ruling to lodge a legal claim. The commission, led by David Phillips KC, judge Alan Greenwood, and Nick Igoe, would oversee any such claims.

David Phillips commented on the matter following the ruling last Friday, stating, “I am satisfied that the applicant clubs have potential claims for compensation.” Notably, only Burnley in the 2021/22 season and Leicester in the 2022/23 season would have avoided relegation with a 10-point deduction for Everton.

Burnley, who experienced relegation and promotion in the first attempt, reportedly incurred around £50 million in costs due to the points deduction. Leeds United would have still faced relegation but with £2.2 million more in prize money, while Southampton would have remained in 20th place. Nottingham Forest would have seen no impact from a sporting or financial perspective, finishing 16th regardless.

Phillips emphasized that the validity of compensation claims hinges on the outcome of the complaint, considering factors such as the causation of any loss and other factual issues. He added, “If the complaint is upheld, the commission may wish to award compensation to one or more of the applicant clubs. If the complaint is upheld, the Premier League must provide a copy of the decision to the applicant clubs forthwith. Within 28 days of receipt of a copy of the decision, each applicant club must inform the commission whether it wishes to pursue a claim for compensation.”