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Crafty Daniel Levy could leverage popular Tottenham figure in manager hunt


Jurgen Klinsmann, via ESPN’S UK YouTube channel, confirmed that Daniel Levy reached out to him about the Tottenham job in the immediate aftermath of Jose’s sacking, writes the HotspurHQ.

Levy is nothing if not crafty.

He knows how to leverage assets for his own benefit and Klinsmann could prove yet another example of a way for Levy to save his own bacon at the club. Adored and venerated at Tottenham from his playing days, Klinsmann represents yet another sentimental candidate in the club’s hunt for a manager.

Hiring the German legend would be a savvy public relations move for Levy, whose reputation with supporters has devolved into a state of disrepair. It’s not hard, though, to see through such a transparent and blatantly obvious move. Klinsmann is a man of the people and has an abundance of support in Tottenham circles.

Levy, if he decides to hire Klinsmann, will hope the German’s immense popularity at the club will facilitate an opportunity to find a way back into supporters’ good graces. That would only work, though, if Klinsmann enjoyed a successful reign as Tottenham manager.

The German can do little to tarnish his venerated reputation at the club. Even a disastrous spell as manager wouldn’t cause Spurs to think too disparagingly of Klinsmann.

Levy, however, would feel the brunt of what could turn out to be yet another egregious decision in a long line of inexplicable choices.

Whether he’s the right man to take Spurs to the next level is where this scenario divides opinion. Still seen as an outsider to land the role, Klinsmann’s stock has sharply risen since Antonio Conte dropped out of contention.

Unlike his storied playing career, Klinsmann’s hasn’t enjoyed a successful career in management. His 17 years as a manager hasn’t yielded any major trophies, though he came close in leading Germany to a third place finish at the 2006 World Cup.

Klinsmann loves Tottenham and its supporters every bit as much as they love him. Spurs could do a lot worse as their next managerial appointment, exactly what Levy would intend on leveraging.

The jury’s out on whether Klinsmann would make a solid choice for manager, but rest assured, Levy, if discussions proceed, has every intention of capitalizing on Klinsmann’s hallowed reputation in north London.

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