Danny Rose defends Dele Alli ‘lazy’ claims amidst Everton struggles

Former Tottenham defender Danny Rose has vehemently denied claims of Dele Alli being ‘lazy’, writes the Everton.News. Addressing the stigma that arose from Tottenham Hotspur’s Amazon documentary, which portrayed Dele receiving criticism from then-manager Jose Mourinho, Rose asserts that ‘laziness’ is not a trait associated with his former teammate.

Despite Dele’s decline in form after moving to Everton last year, Rose refuted the notion of laziness and emphasized his hardworking nature. As Dele looks to rejuvenate his career with Everton, the support from those who know him best stands strong.

Tottenham Hotspur’s Amazon documentary, “All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur,” released in 2020, brought scrutiny to Dele Alli’s form and work ethic. A clip showed then-manager Jose Mourinho making a harsh remark, describing Dele as a “lazy guy in training.” However, three years later, Dele asserted that Mourinho apologized to him and denied the notion of laziness, though the documentary omitted this crucial exchange.

Danny Rose, who spent two years alongside Dele at Tottenham, was taken aback by the ‘lazy’ label attached to his former teammate. Speaking on talkSPORT, Rose emphasized that laziness is not a characteristic associated with Dele. According to Rose, Dele was one of the fittest players during pre-season and was renowned for his work rate under manager Mauricio Pochettino. He added that Dele’s tenacity on the pitch was evident, and injuries seldom kept him out of action.

Despite the denial of laziness claims, there is no denying that Dele Alli’s form has significantly declined since his move to Everton. The midfielder’s time at Goodison Park has been challenging, raising questions about his future. However, praise and support followed Dele’s candid interview with Gary Neville, where he expressed his desire to start anew and earn another chance with Everton.

While the inner workings at Everton remain concealed, it is clear that manager Sean Dyche would not offer Dele Alli another opportunity if he believed the midfielder was lazy and not working diligently to return to peak form. Especially with the looming £10 million clause, Dyche’s decision to give Dele a chance underscores his belief in the player’s potential.

Danny Rose’s firm defense of Dele Alli refutes claims of laziness and underscores the midfielder’s commitment to his profession. Despite his struggles at Everton, Dele’s determination to overcome obstacles and regain his form is evident. While the ‘lazy’ label may have arisen in the past, those who have worked closely with Dele vouch for his hardworking nature. As Dele looks to reignite his career with Everton, the support and belief from those who know him best will undoubtedly serve as a source of motivation on his journey to rediscover his best form.