David Moyes admits 30-year-old player will be dropped if he doesn’t perform

David Moyes has made his intentions clear regarding the goalkeeping situation at the club. Alphonse Areola, who was selected as the starting goalkeeper over Lukasz Fabianski in the recent match against Bournemouth, is now facing a crucial period that could define his role as the team’s primary shot-stopper, writes the HammerNews. Moyes’ message to Areola underlines the competitive environment in the Hammers’ goalkeeping ranks and emphasizes the need for consistent performance.

Alphonse Areola, who joined West Ham in the summer of 2021, has exhibited remarkable patience as he navigated a period of limited appearances, mainly in cup matches. However, the recent decision to field him as the starting goalkeeper against Bournemouth hints at a potential shift in his status within the squad. The French goalkeeper is now facing a pivotal juncture where his performances will determine his position as the club’s first-choice goalkeeper.

Moyes’ selection of Areola over Lukasz Fabianski indicates a strategic move to establish competition within the goalkeeping department. The manager’s intention is to push Areola to elevate his performance and secure his spot as the preferred option.

David Moyes engaged with reporters to provide insight into the dynamic between the goalkeepers and the decision-making process. In acknowledging Fabianski’s exceptional contributions to the team, Moyes underscored the Polish goalkeeper’s excellence and work ethic. However, the decision to start Areola was aimed at affording him the opportunity to seize the coveted No.1 position.

Moyes emphasized the competitive aspect of his choice, stating, “If you don’t play well, then you’ve got somebody else breathing down your neck.” The manager’s statement highlights his intention to cultivate a culture of consistent high performance within the squad and indicates that Areola’s role is contingent on his ability to deliver under pressure.

The decision to rotate goalkeepers not only underscores Moyes’ intent to keep his players on their toes but also exemplifies his strategy to foster a competitive spirit. Areola’s challenge lies in maintaining the high standards that are expected of the club’s primary goalkeeper. With Fabianski waiting in the wings, Areola must demonstrate his mettle and resilience to ensure his continued involvement in the starting lineup.

David Moyes’ deliberate choice to start Alphonse Areola as West Ham United’s goalkeeper sends a resounding message about the competitive ethos the manager is fostering within the squad. Areola’s selection over Fabianski serves as an opportunity for the French goalkeeper to stake his claim for the coveted No.1 spot. Moyes’ emphasis on consistent performance and the presence of a strong competitor underscores the intense battle unfolding in the goalkeeping department. As the season progresses, Areola’s ability to rise to the challenge will play a pivotal role in determining his place in the team’s starting lineup.