‘Definitely in the mix’ – Alan Myers shares fresh Everton investment update after £600m development

The Everton hierarchy has yet to make a definitive decision regarding the preferred bidder, with 777 Partners and MSP Sports Capital both vying for the position, informs the GN. Alan Myers, Sky Sports news editor, confirms that MSP is still in contention, and nothing has been officially concluded at this stage.

Recent reports have suggested that 777 Partners is likely to complete a comprehensive takeover of the club, amounting to a substantial £600 million. However, Myers clarifies that while 777 Partners is certainly a contender, no final determination has been made, and MSP remains involved in the process, as previously reported.

Myers wrote: “They are definitely in the mix but as I understand it no decision has been made yet, MSP still also involved as reported previously.”

If MSP demonstrates a genuine interest comparable to 777 in acquiring Everton, it could potentially ignite a bidding war or at least present a substantial offer that forces the hierarchy to make a decision. Presently, it appears that 777 holds the advantage in securing the takeover, but it remains uncertain whether they will face any competition in the upcoming days.

The timeframe for this process is set to be less than a week, indicating that they have all the necessary arrangements in place to proceed with the purchase. Despite their underwhelming track record at the clubs they currently own, Everton fans would undoubtedly welcome the departure of Farhad Moshiri, who has been widely criticized during his tenure as the club’s owner, despite investing funds comparable to those spent by clubs striving for Champions League qualification.

Given the significant project of constructing a new stadium, it is crucial for the new owners to prioritize this endeavor alongside other aspects of the club’s future.