Dominic Calvert-Lewin credits one man for his remarkable return to form

Everton’s Dominic Calvert-Lewin is back in the spotlight, confidently leading the line for the club again after two years of battling injuries. His remarkable return to form has been attributed to the pivotal role played by manager Sean Dyche in nurturing his fitness, relays the ToffeeWeb.

Following his comeback from a fractured cheekbone just a month ago, Calvert-Lewin has featured in Everton’s last five games and has already exceeded his goal tally in all competitions from the previous season, netting three goals. Unlike the past couple of seasons, where recurring soft-tissue injuries often forced him back to the sidelines, the striker now appears fitter and sharper than he has in a long while.

Much of this transformation can be credited to the patience and guidance offered by Sean Dyche, who arrived at the club in late January and quickly recognized the need to address Calvert-Lewin’s persistent injury problems.

Speaking to evertonfc about his journey, Calvert-Lewin revealed, “The stress I was putting myself through to try to play, only to be at 60 per cent, it wasn’t worth it.” He spoke of his eagerness to rush back and the external pressure to return due to his potential contributions to the team. However, the arrival of the new manager, Sean Dyche, brought a change of perspective.

Calvert-Lewin acknowledged that Dyche played a massive role in this turnaround. He emphasized that the focus shifted from merely ticking off fitness boxes to genuinely feeling good within his own body. Dyche’s approach encouraged Calvert-Lewin to trust his body again and to prioritize his well-being.

Dyche’s steadfast support was instrumental in relieving the pressure Calvert-Lewin had felt to rush back into action. The manager’s commitment to allowing him to return at his own pace instilled confidence in the player. This approach not only paid off but also reflected in the remarkable condition that Calvert-Lewin currently exhibits on the pitch.

The Everton striker’s resurgence is a testament to the role Sean Dyche played in guiding him back to fitness and full form, providing a glimpse of what lies ahead for this talented player under his leadership.