‘Don’t want to be miserable’ – Moyes opened up on the struggles of this season and his thoughts on his Hammers future

West Ham United manager David Moyes has had a challenging season with the club, as they have been involved in a relegation battle for most of the season due to underachievement domestically, reports the WHW.

However, recent performances have given some hope to the team, barring the poor showings against Brighton and Newcastle. In fact, the team has lost only five of the 20 matches played in all competitions so far this year, indicating a positive spell. Additionally, the team’s 4-1 (5-2 agg) win over KAA Gent on Thursday night at London Stadium has propelled them to the European Semi-Finals, a promising sign that the team could be returning to the form they were known for under Moyes previously.

Moyes has acknowledged that he has personally struggled this season, which has affected his home life, but the relief of victory on Thursday was evident as he celebrated Declan Rice’s sublime solo goal in a manner that hasn’t been seen for some time.

The current season has inevitably put immense pressure on Moyes and raised doubts about his future at West Ham, leading to speculations that the former Manchester United manager might be in his last season at the club. However, ExWHUEmployee stated this week that no final decision has been made and will be reviewed at the end of the season as usual.

Moyes, on the other hand, has made it clear that he has no intention of leaving the club and is already making preparations for next season, during which he plans to continue as manager.

‘I hope I’ve got more of them celebrations to come,” Moyes told the Daily Mail. “Sometimes you must not forget how much our families all care. They are engrossed in it.

‘They don’t want a miserable husband or dad coming home, and they’ve seen a miserable husband or dad quite regularly, to be honest.”

“I’m planning for next season,” Moyes told the Evening Standard. “I’ve got no intention [of leaving]. I’m getting on with my job, doing everything that I do and obviously, my head’s down and focused on how I’m getting myself more points at the moment. That’s the only thing I can think about.”