Dyche said Everton were largely good in their 3-0 loss and here is why this is true

After a challenging 3-0 home defeat to Manchester United, Everton manager Sean Dyche expressed mixed sentiments, emphasizing the team’s strong performance for a significant part of the match, writes the LiverpoolEcho. The loss raises questions about the validity of such praise and whether it is merely damage control or a genuine reflection of the team’s unfortunate circumstances.

Despite Everton’s notable success on the road this season, securing three away victories, the struggles at Goodison Park continue, with five losses in home fixtures. Dyche highlighted the team’s wastefulness in early defeats as “unfathomable,” and while recent wins against Bournemouth and Burnley showcased improvement, the encounter with Manchester United exposed offensive shortcomings.

Dyche acknowledged the high chance count against Manchester United but stressed the need for clinical finishing. He remarked, “The chance count is incredibly high again. But we have got to be clinical. It is a tough one for me to call today because I think a lot of the performance was right.”

Utilizing Comparisonator to analyze Everton’s overall performance provides insights into the accuracy of Dyche’s assessment. The team’s high shot count (22) against Manchester United was second only to Bournemouth, emphasizing offensive intent. Everton led offensive categories such as dribbles and successful dribbles, showcasing a shift from their usual standings in these areas.

Defensively, Everton exhibited discipline with the fewest ball losses in their own half, emphasizing a solid defensive foundation. However, Roy Keane, present at Goodison Park, emphasized the critical nature of converting chances, stating, “You’ve got to score one or two chances. Dychey will be all over them. They played some really good stuff, but you’ve got to take your chances. They got heavily punished for it.”

While Everton’s performance demonstrated positive elements, the ultimate measure in football remains goals scored. The team must address its offensive challenges to translate promising displays into favorable results.