Erik ten Hag expects problems in Everton’s clash following points deduction

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag anticipates a charged atmosphere at Goodison Park on Sunday as Everton faces the Red Devils for the first time since their unprecedented 10-point deduction, writes the LiverpoolEcho. The Blues, now in the relegation zone, are poised to unleash their frustration in front of a passionate home crowd.

Prior to the points penalty, Everton had displayed resilience, securing 10 points from their last five games. Despite the setback, there’s a palpable sense of defiance among Evertonians, eager to witness their team reclaim lost points.

Facing a Manchester United squad with mixed performances, despite being technically the Premier League’s in-form team, Ten Hag acknowledges the unique circumstances but urges his players to remain focused on their game.

“It’s always about us. I can see the opposition, I can see they are mad. Finally, it’s about us,” stated Ten Hag during his press conference. “If they are mad, that’s their fuel; we have to match those standards. If we match the standards, we have a very good chance to win the game.”

Commenting on Everton’s points deduction, Ten Hag remained neutral, saying, “I don’t know the details about [the points deduction], I don’t have an opinion. I can imagine Everton fans are very mad. We can do nothing about it. We have to match their standards.”