Everton Manager Updates on Beto’s Condition Following Head Injury

Everton manager Sean Dyche provided an update on Portuguese striker Beto’s condition after he was forced off with a head injury late in the game.

Beto and Forest midfielder Morgan Gibbs-White collided heads in injury time, leaving both players on the ground. After an eight-minute delay, Beto was safely removed from the field. Dyche, speaking to the Liverpool Echo after the match, offered some positive news on Beto’s condition, stating, “It is pleasing at this moment.”

“I can’t say more than that at this stage other than that he definitely came around and that he understood what was going on, which they assured me is a good early sign after a real serious knock,” Dyche added.

He also commended the medical team for their swift response, saying, “It was fantastic how quickly the medical team reacted, on all parts, to make sure that he was safe, and we now hope for news over the next 24 to 48 hours.”

The incident brought concern to both teams and fans, but the reassurance from Dyche provides hope for Beto’s recovery. Further updates on his condition are expected in the coming days.