Everton set to miss out on 30m striker, multiple sources confirm

Everton’s hopes of signing striker El Bilal Toure from Almeria are dwindling, with the player edging closer to a move to Atalanta in Italy this summer, relays the SW. Journalists Marc Mechenoua and Sacha Tavolieri both suggest that the young forward is likely to choose Atalanta over Everton.

According to Mechenoua, the negotiations between Almeria and Atalanta have been long and challenging, but El Bilal Toure is now “ever closer” to sealing a move to the Serie A club. The deal, which is set to exceed €30 million when bonuses are included, is yet to finalize some finer details.

Tavolieri also confirms the striker’s preference for Atalanta, stating that “El Bilal Toure will play for Atalanta” next season, as Serie A has always been his priority. However, the deal’s complexity arises from the involvement of numerous intermediaries, making the transfer negotiations tricky.

Despite the hurdles, Atalanta remains determined to secure the young talent’s services and is currently ironing out the final details of the deal, which was initially agreed upon at €25 million. A final meeting between the two clubs will cement the transfer and dash Everton’s hopes of acquiring the promising forward.

El Bilal Toure’s potential move to Atalanta represents a significant step in his career as he aims to make an impact in one of Europe’s top leagues. For Everton, this missed opportunity may prompt them to explore other striking options in the transfer market as they look to bolster their squad ahead of the new season.Everton set to miss out on 30m striker, Romano confirms