Everton stadium reaches new major milestone

Peter Kenyon, Everton’s chief commercial and communications officer, has provided an update on the construction of the new Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium, reassuring fans that everything is on track despite recent developments in the proposed 777 Partners takeover of the club, relays the GoodisonNews.

Speaking at the Leaders Week Summit in London, Kenyon shared that significant progress has been made in the stadium’s construction. The main structure is taking shape, with the roof nearly completed, and work on the terracing and internal systems, including mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, is well underway. One of the exciting milestones approaching is the installation of seats in the stadium, which will give the venue a more complete appearance.

Kenyon expressed his excitement about the new stadium, stating, “It’s a stunning location, a stunning build, and there is fantastic progress. There will be an important visual milestone in the next couple of weeks as the seats will start to go in the stadium, so we are getting that close.”

While the progress on the stadium is encouraging for Everton and its supporters, the proposed takeover by 777 Partners has encountered a recent hurdle. The US investment firm, which aims to acquire the club, has not yet provided proof of funds to the government’s Financial Conduct Authority, a crucial step in the takeover process.

Despite these concerns, Kenyon emphasized the significance of the new stadium for Everton and the city as a whole, saying, “It’s a real game changer for us, our fans, and the identity of the club, but also another great venue for a great city that is great at hosting big events.”

While Everton fans eagerly anticipate the completion of the impressive new stadium, there remain uncertainties about the club’s future as the takeover negotiations unfold.