Everton Takeover Update Emerges as 777 Rivals Make Interest Known Behind the Scenes

In the ongoing saga of Everton’s potential takeover, it seems that 777 Partners may not be the exclusive contenders, as other interested parties have emerged behind the scenes. This revelation comes from Josimar journalist Paul Brown, who suggested that there are alternatives to the American firm’s bid.

Brown took to Twitter on 23rd April to dispel the notion that 777 Partners are the sole option for Farhad Moshiri, Everton’s majority shareholder. He argued that it would be “misguided” to believe so, hinting at the possibility of a successful bid from a bidder not publicly known.

“It’s the ones who shout the loudest who rarely get football takeovers done,” Brown tweeted. “Remember when Moshiri bought into Everton? Nobody even heard a whisper about it until the deal was done. To think 777 is the only show in town is misguided. Other parties have made their interest known.”

The statement sheds light on the complexities surrounding the club’s ownership transition. Despite 777 Partners’ bid, which was announced nearly 32 weeks ago in September, they have yet to gain Premier League approval. Brown’s comments suggest that there may be more to the story, with at least one alternative bidder reportedly lurking in recent months.

While some had speculated that Everton might be bound to 777 Partners’ offer, Brown’s insight implies otherwise, indicating that there are potentially viable alternatives to consider. As the situation continues to unfold, Everton supporters and football enthusiasts alike remain eager to see who will ultimately take control of the club.