Everton’s new owners may have Dyche replacement ready as manager misses training yesterday

Wayne Rooney, a potential managerial target for Everton, raised eyebrows as he missed DC United’s training session on Friday, October 6, according to the Washington Post, relays the Everton.News. The American newspaper has reported doubts regarding his return to the club for the next season.

As the regular season finale against New York City approached on Saturday, Rooney’s absence from training prompted questions about his future at the Washington-based club. Speculation about his potential return to Everton has been circulating, and this time, it appears more plausible than ever.

Former Eurosport journalist Dean Jones, in a report from September, suggested that Everton could be at the forefront of clubs seeking to offer the former Manchester United striker a return to Goodison Park. Rooney’s name has often been linked with managerial roles, and this time, the stars seem to be aligning.

Meanwhile, Everton’s current manager, Sean Dyche, has faced a challenging start to the season, with pressure mounting as the team struggles to secure positive results. A defeat in the upcoming game against Bournemouth on Saturday could further exacerbate Dyche’s situation.

The looming takeover bid by 777 Partners adds another layer of uncertainty to Everton’s managerial landscape. The potential new owners may seek a fresh start and a manager who can rejuvenate the team and regain the support of the fanbase. While Dyche received praise for keeping Everton in the Premier League, the team’s recent performances have raised concerns about their prospects.

Wayne Rooney’s presence in the United States makes him a convenient candidate for discussions with 777 Partners, a Miami-based firm involved in the takeover bid. Rooney’s managerial credentials and his ability to perform under challenging circumstances, as demonstrated during his tenure with Derby County, make him an appealing option.

While it remains to be seen whether Rooney will be the preferred choice of the new owners, his potential appointment could provide Everton with stability and direction, at least until the end of the season. The coming weeks will likely bring clarity to Everton’s managerial situation, with fans eagerly awaiting updates on the club’s future leadership.