Finance expert drops MSP equity verdict amid Everton takeover agreement

Kieran Maguire, a football finance expert, has indicated that MSP Sports Capital is safeguarding their interests by pursuing the acquisition of “preferential shares” in Everton, writes the GN.

According to BBC Sport’s report on May 18, the US-based investment firm aims to secure a 25 percent stake in the club. As discussions between MSP and Farhad Moshiri intensify, an exclusivity agreement has been reached, as reported by the Daily Mail on May 24.

Maguire, speaking to the Liverpool Echo, speculates that MSP might consider converting their shares into equity if they decide to pursue partial ownership of the club.

Maguire said: “We are hearing that it is a 20 to 25 per cent stake they are looking at and I believe that they have been impressed by what they have seen at Bramley-Moore Dock with the new stadium and can see the value that it could bring eventually,”

“But with this move, they are protecting their position and not exposing themselves too much, while at the same time giving Moshiri the investment that he has been seeking.

“They can turn those preferential shares into equity at a later date if they so wished and take part ownership of the club.”