‘Financial reasons’ is what keeps Moyes job, explains ExWHUemployee

The West Ham United board is receiving criticism from Insider ExWHUemployee, who claims that they are hesitant to terminate the contract of manager David Moyes and bring in a new coach because of the financial cost associated with compensating him, writes the FFC.

The team’s season has taken a turn for the worse after a humiliating 4-0 defeat by Brighton in the Premier League over the weekend, and they are currently only one point ahead of the relegation zone. It’s understandable that Moyes is under immense pressure, but reports suggest that the board is standing by the 59-year-old manager.

In a conversation on The West Ham Way podcast, Ex confirmed this and also revealed that part of the reason for this decision is due to financial concerns.

He explained: “The words I have been given is he’s under pressure but still 100% backed. So they’re still behind him.

“They think there’s very few alternatives out there and any process to get an alternative – I.e. sacking Moyers and having to pay compensation and then either having to pay the compensation for a manager that’s got a club or pay high wages for a top manager that hasn’t got a club – is beyond what the finances they want to spend.

“Which really is ridiculous because obviously, the loss of finances by getting relegated would far outweigh that.”