Former Everton co-owner criticized Moshiri’s handling of the 777 Partners takeover

Former Everton co-owner Paul Gregg criticized current owner Farhad Moshiri’s handling of the 777 Partners takeover and offered suggestions for the club’s future.

Gregg, who co-owned Everton with Bill Kenwright in the late 90s, believes Moshiri should “say goodbye” to 777 Partners, citing their legal troubles and fans’ disapproval.

“The answer is ‘goodbye,’” Gregg said. “I can’t see how he’s got any other conversation with that.”

While acknowledging the challenges Moshiri faced, Gregg emphasized the need for a change in direction.

“Maybe it’s not very fair to talk about Bill,” Gregg said, “but the point is, when you look at the club, what’s changed in 20 years?”

He expressed optimism for the club’s future at their new Bramley-Moore Dock stadium, suggesting it could be a significant revenue source.

“With the new stadium completed… I think Everton have got a great chance to rebuild itself,” Gregg said.

He even hinted at a potential concert next summer, stating, “We’ve talked to somebody who will be very special to Liverpool to come next year…”

Gregg also praised Everton’s fanbase, calling them “a massive fanbase” that has seen the club through difficult times.

“They’ve had a rough ride,” Gregg acknowledged. “I think with a little bit of work, they could really become very strong again.”