Former Everton coach who signed Anthony Gordon reveals interesting details about the rising PL star

Newcastle’s wealthy takeover in 2021 saw them target Everton youngster Gordon, sparking a rivalry fueled by “ludicrous claims regarding the respective size of the clubs,” as some have noted (via Everton.News).

Adding fuel to the fire, Gordon’s performances have blossomed since his move. This begs the question: why didn’t he replicate this success at Everton?

Speaking to BBC Sport, Neil Dewsnip, Gordon’s former academy coach at Everton, shed light on the winger’s development.

“Anthony was a late developer, physically immature,” said Dewsnip, who first spotted Gordon at the age of 11. “He was a boy we looked at a few times, as did Liverpool.”

Another former coach, who wished to remain anonymous, echoed Dewsnip’s remarks. “We could see he had potential,” he said. “The academy did well to stick with him… He was always very single-minded even back then. He knew what he wanted and what he needed.”

However, Gordon’s early promise didn’t translate to immediate senior team success. “In his final six months at the club, he had scored just three league goals,” the article notes.

While the £45 million fee for Gordon was crucial for Everton financially, fans remain frustrated by his lack of impact and his unceremonious exit.

Gordon’s current success with Newcastle, boasting “ten goals and ten assists in the Premier League,” only amplifies these feelings.

The coaches’ insights offer a glimpse into Gordon’s development, but don’t erase the lingering tension between Everton and Newcastle, fueled by Gordon’s move and subsequent performances.