Former Liverpool Mayor Accuses PL of Unfairly Targeting Everton, despite the Club Being Forced to Sell Players

Former Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson has accused the Premier League of unfairly targeting Everton, despite the club being forced to sell key players to comply with Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.

Anderson took to Twitter on April 29th, the same day Premier League shareholders met in London to discuss changes to spending rules [Times]. He criticized FFP as an “oxymoron,” pointing out that Everton has suffered two points deductions for exceeding spending limits while Manchester City remains untouched despite facing over 100 charges (all contested).

“The PL & Masters wanted to impose 17 points on Everton & forced the club to sell Richarlison, Gordon, Iwobi & others to meet FFP,” Anderson wrote. “EFC cooperated and yet are still under attack. City 115 charges yet remain untouched.”

Everton fans have reason to feel aggrieved, especially after securing Premier League survival under manager Sean Dyche. While the club’s financial management hasn’t been perfect, with Farhad Moshiri currently seeking to sell to 777 Partners, there’s a sense of inconsistency in the league’s application of FFP.

“It is hard not to see the situation as an arbitrary one,” Anderson continued. “The regulations have seen Everton hit by two points deductions, with all three [including Nottingham Forest’s] appealed, already scrapped and more changes pending.”

With the Premier League reviewing financial regulations, Everton finds itself in a precarious position. While the debate around FFP is complex, the Toffees often seem to be on the losing end.