Gabby Agbonlahor and Alan Brazil Rage at Premier League Ffp Development in New Everton Verdict

Alan Brazil and Gabby Agbonlahor voiced their dismay over the recent revelations surrounding potential financial fair play breaches by Everton and Nottingham Forest. The duo expressed concerns over the delayed actions by the Premier League in addressing these issues.

Alan Brazil, sharing his frustration, remarked, “By the way, Everton have been done, but they’ve got to move things along quicker with the other sides. I’m not picking on City, I’m not picking on anyone; I think they’ve just got to get on with it. Stop talking about it.”

Agbonlahor quickly concurred, emphasizing the need for swift punishment, stating, “Whoever has done it needs to be punished because look how quickly Everton were punished.”

Brazil added, “Absolutely, and they held their hands up.”

On January 2, reports surfaced, notably from The Times, raising concerns about Nottingham Forest facing potential charges for breaking the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules. Everton, having already been punished, is now at risk of a second charge.

Both Brazil and Agbonlahor urged the Premier League to expedite the charging process for teams found in violation of the financial fair play rules. Their plea for prompt action stems from their sympathy for Everton, who currently stands as the only team penalized.