‘Harsh’ – Everton playerbelieves he was unfairly singled out by referees during the previous season

Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford expressed his belief that referees were overly harsh towards him during the previous season, writes the EvertonNews.

In a conversation on Jill Scott’s Coffee Club podcast, Pickford discussed the challenges he faced in the Premier League and his willingness to do whatever it took to secure important victories.

Despite a difficult campaign for Everton, Pickford stood out as one of the standout performers, with the team conceding the fewest goals among the bottom seven clubs.

Despite facing criticism in recent years, the 29-year-old has gained a strong following among fans and has been linked with potential moves to Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur in the current transfer window.

Nevertheless, Pickford remained focused on his responsibilities at Everton and emphasized his commitment to the club’s success in his conversation with fellow Sunderland native, Scott.

“When I went back to the drawing board it was all about game management and can you do that better? Sometimes I do take the p*** to be honest!” Pickford said.

“At Everton when we’re one nil up and you need to kill time I’ll try and do anything.

“To be fair I think the referees have been absolutely harsh on me this season with yellow cards, they’ve been on me literally on the edge of the box and they’re just waiting for me to take my time.

“I’m trying to run, pretend I’m jogging and stuff but they’re definitely on Pickford like.”