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‘He is in trouble’ – Alan Brazil predicts new Moyes problem at West Ham

After the match against Liverpool Wat London Stadium, Moyes expressed his disappointment and frustration with the decision not to award his team a penalty to equalize the score at 2-2, relays the WHZ.

It’s impossible to say how the game would have turned out if West Ham had been given the penalty, but unfortunately, Kavanagh did not make the call, leading to Moyes’ strong reaction. Despite the opinion of some of the players and fans, West Ham was unable to secure a penalty and had to settle for a disappointing result against an impressive Liverpool team.

Ray Parlour said live (talkSPORT): “They were unlucky not to get at least a point,”

Brazil responded: “I know, and David is in trouble with that rant about VAR when he said ‘Tell the ref to go and look at the monitor, tell him to go and look.’

“So he’s in big, big trouble now.”

After the final whistle at the London Stadium, Moyes expressed his frustration with the referee’s decision not to award his team a chance to equalize the game at 2-2. It’s unclear what would have happened if West Ham had received a penalty, but they never got the chance as Kavanagh received a tongue-lashing from Moyes soon after the game ended. Several West Ham players and fans believed that a penalty should have been given, but ultimately the home team was left with a disappointing result despite a valiant effort against a strong Liverpool side.