‘I can do’ – Mubama eager to prove his worth at West Ham amid limited opportunities

West Ham’s young star, Divin Mubama, has expressed his readiness to showcase his abilities and make a significant impact, highlighting what he believes he can offer that differentiates him from experienced strikers Michail Antonio and Danny Ings, writes the Hammer.News. The situation at West Ham has sparked discussions about the need for emerging talents like Mubama to play a more prominent role.

Mubama’s frustration over limited playing time under manager David Moyes has been evident, with reports suggesting he’s hesitant to sign a new deal with the club. Moyes has consistently opted for Antonio and Ings, but Mubama, seen as the future of West Ham, is eager to prove that he deserves a place in the starting lineup.

West Ham owner David Sullivan attempted to address the situation by seeking one-to-one talks with Mubama, but the striker’s agent declined the offer. Fans, too, have expressed their discontent, urging Moyes to provide more opportunities for the promising academy graduate.

During recent appearances, Mubama has demonstrated his potential impact on the team. His energetic and dynamic playing style injects a different dimension into West Ham’s attack. The young striker was instrumental in West Ham’s comeback win over Burnley, making a significant contribution that influenced the team’s performance.

Speaking about his desire for more playing time, Mubama stated, “I’ll take a little bit of credit for being in the right place, and also thanks to the gaffer for bringing me on, allowing me to come on and show what I can do. With players unavailable come opportunities in football, and you have to step up and take them, and be ready for them… Definitely (eyeing more minutes now), I’m always buzzing for more minutes and being ready because I feel like when I get the opportunity I will deliver, I back myself and yea looking to Thursday, looking forward to it.”

As West Ham navigates the challenges of balancing experienced players with emerging talents, Mubama remains determined to seize every opportunity and make a positive impact on the team.