Ian Wright Shares Relegation Prediction Post Nottingham Forest News

Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright expressed his belief that Nottingham Forest is destined for relegation from the Premier League, with Luton Town narrowly avoiding the drop. This prediction comes in the wake of news that Forest will be docked four points, intensifying the battle for survival in the league.

Wright’s analysis extends to Burnley and Sheffield United joining Forest in the relegation zone. He emphasized the precarious position of these clubs, stating, “You do feel like they’re gone. I’m hoping that Luton can save themselves.”

Regarding Everton’s fate, Wright highlighted the significance of their upcoming fixtures, particularly the crucial clash against Arsenal on the final day of the season. He stressed the importance for Everton to secure their position before facing Arsenal, who may be fighting for the Premier League title.

“I think if that happens, Luton will get out of it, with Forest, Burnley, and Sheffield United going down,” Wright stated during the show on March 18th at 14:58. “When you look at Luton’s home games, they can get points from that. When you see Everton’s, massive games. They’ve got Arsenal on the last day. If they haven’t got it done by then they might be in trouble.”