‘I’m going to be honest with you’ – WHU fans react to Antonio’s ‘Scamacca’ comments

West Ham supporters have not reacted favorably to Michail Antonio’s comment about his teammate Gianluca Scamacca, suggesting that the Italian forward is facing difficulties in adapting to the club, writes the KUMB. During an interview on the Filthy Fellas podcast, the team’s number nine was questioned about his perspective on the situation of the Italian international, who has been absent from the squad for a number of weeks.

He said: “I’m going to be honest with you lot. He [Scamacca] is actually quality. He is a quality player.

“The problem is, he can’t play the way the gaffer plays. He needs a different type of manager to play his type of football. He needs a manager [for whom] he can play and have other players come off him and stuff like that.

“You can see, the ball comes into him and it sticks, he’s tidy. But how David Moyes plays is more like if you’re up front, you’re dealing with scraps. You’ve got to be more of a fighter – and that’s not him.”

The recent media interview with Antonio has sparked criticism from numerous fans who question both the timing, coming just a week before the Conference League Final, and the content of his remarks. Some fans have expressed disappointment in his criticism of a fellow player.

“The guy knows exactly what he is doing and right before our biggest game in 30 odd years,” wrote Pob, posting on the KUMB Forum. “He is shameless in his own self promotion – the story is even top in the Daily Mail Online sport section. It’s ridiculous behaviour. About Scammacca, if that’s not questioning a fellow professional’s integrity, I don’t know what is.”