‘I’m stunned’ – Gary Neville and Micah Richards agree on ‘monumental’ Everton claim

Micah Richards has drawn comparisons between Everton’s current struggles and the relegation that he experienced with Aston Villa in the 2015/16 Premier League season, relays the LiverpoolEcho.

Aston Villa managed only three wins and a total of 17 points during the campaign, resulting in their drop out of the division. This left them 22 points short of escaping the bottom three, and they had no grounds to complain about being relegated to the Championship. Despite being referred to as ‘too big to go down’ during that season, Aston Villa’s dismal performance left fans disappointed with their representatives on the pitch.

Everton will be hoping to avoid the fate of demotion to the second tier, although Micah Richards has noted similarities between the current Everton team and the struggling Aston Villa side he was a part of. In his column for the Daily Mail, the former right-back said, “When Aston Villa were relegated in 2016, there had been so much talk through the season about how it could never happen to us because of the size of the club. I see the same kind of narrative around Everton now and I really worry.” With Everton winless for nearly two months, a defeat against Leicester City tonight could prove disastrous. Gary Neville has predicted that upcoming fixtures will be characterized by “desperation” as teams scramble to secure points in the final month of the season.

Richards said on the Gary Neville Podcast: “I’m stunned. I’m absolutely stunned by what’s happened down at Bournemouth,”

“It’s an incredible performance and it’s going to mean that a club that is bigger on paper is going to go. It makes it a really intriguing next three of four weeks at the bottom of the league, and there will be some real desperation down there.

“Everton, Leeds, Nottingham Forest, and West Ham are still down there. That game on Monday Night Football, Leicester versus Everton, is absolutely monumental. It’s a huge game. The league title looks like it is going to go towards City but, at the bottom, you’re none the wiser.”