‘It’s laughable’ – Simon Jordan rages after what happened at Everton this week

On Friday morning, Simon Jordan criticized Harry Kane for his involvement in the altercation with Abdoulaye Doucouré during Tottenham’s recent draw with Everton, writes the GN.

The incident led to Doucouré being sent off after he pushed Kane in the face and the England captain fell to the ground. Despite several days having passed since the incident, the outspoken talkSPORT pundit did not hold back in his criticism.

“Harry Kane went over like he’d been shot and there’s no need for it and it’s something we should all look at it with absolute contempt,” said Jordan (talkSPORT White and Jordan, 7 April).

“We should appreciate great footballers and we should appreciate great skill and courage, and when all that’s called out, no one complains.

“When someone does the polar opposition they should be held accountable, I think it’s laughable.”

While acknowledging that Abdoulaye Doucouré’s actions were wrong, it’s disappointing that Harry Kane had to fall to the ground in such a manner to guarantee that the Everton player was dismissed. The incident warranted a red card, but with the refereeing inconsistency, the England captain couldn’t afford to take any chances, which explains his decision to go down.

Given the high stakes in each Premier League match, players are justified in doing everything in their power to gain an edge, including causing an opposing player to be sent off.