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‘It’s only just happened’ – Moyes reacts to captaincy issue

Following a press conference in Perth, the question of who will be the new club captain for West Ham United remains unanswered, informs the Claret&Hugh. The departure of Declan Rice has left a void in terms of on-pitch leadership, and finding a suitable successor has become a pressing issue for the team.

Manager David Moyes, despite being aware of the likelihood of Rice’s departure, has not yet reached a definitive conclusion regarding the new captain. He emphasized that the matter will require further discussion, indicating that the decision is not an easy one to make. Last season, Mark Noble took on the captaincy when needed, but his form and fitness may limit his availability for the role in the upcoming season.

Furthermore, with the team prioritizing the signing of a central defender, there are concerns about how many games Angelo Ogbonna, who temporarily assumed the captaincy last season, will feature in. It raises questions about the suitability of a central defender as a long-term captain.

When asked about the captaincy situation, David Moyes stated, “We’re not that further forward as it’s only just happened, so we’ll have discussions about it. That’ll be decided by myself.” He acknowledged that the departure of Declan Rice requires the team to find a new way of preparing and organizing, but emphasized that the decision on a new captain will be made before the start of the season.

Reflecting on his past experiences with exceptional captains such as Mark Noble at West Ham and Phil Neville at Everton, Moyes highlighted Rice’s contributions during their time working together. He reiterated the need for discussions and a collective decision-making process to identify the right candidate to take on the captaincy role for the upcoming season.

As the start of the season approaches, the search for West Ham United’s new captain continues, with Moyes aiming to establish a new leadership structure that will guide the team through the challenges ahead.

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