‘I’ve said it for weeks…’ – Sean Dyche won’t pay attention to Everton’s league position yet

According to Sean Dyche, Everton’s position on the Premier League table holds significance only after the conclusion of the final match of the season, writes the PlanetSport.

Despite a 3-0 loss to Manchester City last weekend, the team managed to stay clear of the relegation zone due to results from rival teams. The upcoming Saturday match against Wolves at 3 pm presents an opportunity for Dyche’s side to increase the pressure on Leeds and Leicester, who currently occupy 18th and 19th place respectively.

A victory in this away fixture, which would be their third of the season, would grant Everton a five-point lead and maintain control over their fate. This scenario would also require the Foxes to win their remaining two games, while Leeds would need a minimum of four points to avoid relegation. However, Dyche is not concerned with performing calculations even at this late stage.

He said: “I don’t stare at the league. I stare at the performances, I stare at the group, I stare at the prep, I stare at the strategy, I stare at all these things, the tactics, these are the things I’m obsessing with,”

“It’s not about the league table at this stage. I’ve said it for weeks, the one at the end of the season is the most important.

“Of course we all debate it and look at it during a season, of course we do, but the one at the end of the season, that’s the most important, the one we’re looking to be above the line on.

“I think we’ve just stayed very clear-minded, trying to take away the layers of noise around our group to make sure we’re focused on the game.

“That’s all we look to do, others can do however they wish.”