James Garner admits lack of social bond with Everton teammates outside football

James Garner, the talented midfielder who returned to his Merseyside roots with Everton from Manchester United last summer, has opened up about his relationships with his teammates, revealing that they don’t extend beyond the football pitch, writes the Everton.News.

In a candid conversation on Everton’s YouTube channel, Garner confessed that he isn’t part of the social events and gatherings with his fellow players. Born on Merseyside, the 22-year-old’s return to the region was highly anticipated, but it appears that he prefers to keep his interactions within a certain circle.

After an injury-plagued first season, Garner has emerged as one of Everton’s standout players in the current campaign. He has started seven of their eight Premier League games and even netted his first league goal in a recent 3-0 victory over Bournemouth. His performances have endeared him to the fans at Goodison Park, but it seems his relationships with teammates remain strictly professional.

When asked about activities like playing online games with his fellow players, Garner responded, “No, not really. Just with my mates from home. They’ve got their own little group, and I don’t really get invited to that. I’ve had words. Same with golf, gaming, little coffee meets – everything.”

This revelation might seem surprising, especially considering the strong on-field connections that Everton players have demonstrated recently, with three wins in four games. Garner himself has been in the form of his life, playing some of the best football of his career. While it’s unusual for a player to maintain a distance from his teammates outside of training and matches, there might be more to the story, or Garner could simply be having a bit of fun with his comments.

Nonetheless, it’s clear that Garner’s primary focus remains on his performance on the pitch and helping Everton succeed, and his passion for the game is undeniable.