James Tarkowski Admits Jarrad Branthwaite Has Learnt Something Which He Simply Can Not Do

Everton’s international break has stirred controversy centered around the omission of one of their own players from the England squad, sparking frustration among fans and intrigue among teammates.

Jarrad Branthwaite, the rising talent from Everton, found himself sidelined during England’s recent friendlies despite earning a call-up, leaving many puzzled over Gareth Southgate’s decision.

“It’s disappointing to see Jarrad not getting any game time,” remarked a disappointed Everton supporter, reflecting the sentiments of many fans. “He deserved a chance to showcase his skills on the international stage.”

James Tarkowski, a veteran central defender at Everton and an admirer of Branthwaite’s talent, expressed his surprise and disappointment over the snub in a recent interview with Everton’s official YouTube channel.

Addressing fan questions, Tarkowski highlighted Branthwaite’s maturity and composure on the field, qualities he believes are commendable for a young player. “He plays so maturely and so calmly. I wish I would have learned that so young as well,” Tarkowski confessed. “When he receives the ball he looks so composed and moves it. I wish I could be a bit more like that in my game.”

The revelation from Tarkowski sheds light on the respect and admiration Branthwaite commands among his peers at Everton, despite his recent setback with the national team. Many fans and teammates alike are hopeful that this disappointment will only fuel Branthwaite’s determination to excel further on his return to Merseyside.