Jamie Carragher Gets Angry and Makes Claim About Farhad Moshiri at Everton

Everton Football Club continues to anticipate the crucial Premier League approval required for the proposed takeover by 777 Partners at Goodison Park. The Miami-based investment company’s fate hangs in the balance, with conflicting reports surfacing regularly, leaving the football community in suspense.

The uncertainty surrounding the approval process has introduced both positive and negative dimensions to the situation. While the prolonged delay adds to the challenges faced by the club, the thorough scrutiny applied by the Premier League in assessing potential new owners is viewed as a commendable aspect.

The primary contention revolves around doubts regarding whether 777 Partners possesses the financial capacity to acquire the club and steer Everton in the right direction.

A central figure in the turmoil, Farhad Moshiri, an Iranian-based businessman, appears to be complicating the sale of the club to suitable investors. Speaking on the latest Overlap Fan Debate, Gary Neville raised questions about Moshiri’s impact on the ownership transition, pondering why Sheikh Mansour did not opt for Everton before finalizing his takeover of Manchester City in 2008.

Neville remarked, “I always say this, Abu Dhabi, how did they pick City all those years ago? Why didn’t they pick Everton, for example, who at the time were a bigger club.” He continued, expressing concerns about potential new owners entering the scene, “You could get another owner coming into your club with money that could be spent.”

Jamie Carragher responded, countering Neville’s perspective, “They had one. You spent absolutely off-the-scale money; let’s not pretend they haven’t! Everton have spent massive money.” Carragher emphasized the financial decisions made during Moshiri’s tenure, highlighting the inconsistency in arguments over time.

“This is the same Everton that when the Premier League started, you were part of the same big six or big five, and you were voting Sky Sports and the Premier League. Everyone just votes for how they are at the time,” Carragher stated. He pointed out the shift in Everton’s stance over the years, stating, “Bill Kenwright voted for these rules you are now arguing against when they came in 10 years ago because it suited Everton because they didn’t have any money.”

Carragher concluded, shedding light on the changing dynamics in football, “Everyone just changes their argument, whatever situation they are in. What I’m saying is that you moan about the top six all the time, but when you were in the top five, it was fine. You were fine with leaving everyone behind.”