Jamie Carragher Shares What He Thinks Everton Fans Have Forced Farhad Moshiri to Do

Everton’s ownership has come under scathing criticism from former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher, who labeled them as one of the Premier League’s worst regimes. Carragher’s remarks were made during an appearance on Sky Sports’ The Overlap, where he expressed deep concern over the club’s financial troubles and the ongoing deduction scandal.

In his commentary, Carragher did not mince words, asserting, “Everton boasts one of the Premier League’s worst ownerships. That is a statement simply irrefutable. All of their financial woes and the deduction scandal that has emerged this season are born of their decision-making inadequacy, with poor advisors and unintelligent choices having condemned them to yet another campaign of fighting the drop.”

The former Liverpool defender sympathized with the pressures faced by owners in the modern game but did not hold back in criticizing Farhad Moshiri, Everton’s major shareholder. Carragher stated, “I think of owners, and as supporters, we’re all just screaming, aren’t we in the transfer market: ‘Buy him, pay it, if they want a bit extra, pay it.’ And then when it doesn’t work, we say: ‘Oh, they couldn’t run a bath.’ Do you think these owners actually feel pressured from supporters, certainly from Everton, I sort of get that feeling, not just with Moshiri, but it’s a bit like ‘Come on, have a go, we want to compete.’”

Carragher’s criticism aligns with the sentiments of many Evertonians, who have been vocal in holding Moshiri accountable for the club’s regression. The Toffee TV presenter, Baz, representing Everton fans, threw Moshiri’s name forward as one of the Premier League’s worst owners during the discussion on The Overlap.