Jamie O’Hara issues a passionate appeal for Tottenham star Dele Alli to learn from his mistakes

Jamie O’Hara has sent a passionate plea to Dele Alli to learn from his mistakes at Tottenham, saying the star risks ‘falling away’ just as he did if he doesn’t start focussing on his football, according to TalkSPORT.

Alli’s future at Spurs has come under fresh doubt this week when he was left out of the squad for Tuesday’s Carabao Cup fourth-round clash against Chelsea.

It’s the third time the England midfielder has not even been picked for the bench this season by manager Jose Mourinho, who has warned the 24-year-old he must ‘prove’ he deserves a recall before he gets one.

Much has been made over Alli’s apparent lack of focus in recent months.

The midfielder has struggled for consistency and hasn’t produced the sort of form many expect from him, with critics saying he has been distracted by his celebrity lifestyle.

Former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp joined the talkSPORT Breakfast to offer some advice for the young player, telling him not to ‘waste’ his career by not giving 100 per cent.

“My advice to him would be concentrate on your football, get your nut down and solely concentrate on his game,” said the veteran coach.

“Don’t go round sitting on your £350,000 cars on social media, just get on with your football, come in every day, train, go home, work at the game.

“They tell me he’s a good lad, everyone I speak to says what a good guy he is, I just think he needs better advice. At the moment he looks like he wants to enjoy the life a bit too much, and he’s only a young guy.

“It’s a short career and you’re a fantastic talent, don’t waste it.”

O’Hara revealed he got the same pep talk from Redknapp during his early days at Spurs, only he didn’t listen.

The former midfielder explained he, like Alli, was dropped by Redknapp but ignored his manager’s advice to get his act together and concentrate fully on his football.

“Harry Redknapp did the same thing to me, he bombed me out of the squad and tried to teach me a lesson, but I didn’t learn my lesson and I ended up filtering away,” O’Hara told talkSPORT.

“The same thing will happen to Dele Alli if he doesn’t listen.

“He needs to get himself focused again, playing football, staying off social media and getting himself to be a leader and character back in that dressing room.

“If he can’t get into that Carabao Cup side, something is seriously wrong there.

“When you’re a young lad you think you know everything and he’ll be sitting there thinking, ‘I’m being treated like this, I’ve scored over 50 goals in the Premier League, I’m a top player’.

“But what he doesn’t realise is that they’re actually trying to help him, they’re trying to give him advice because they know the talent is there in the player.

“If he does the right things he still has a massive future at Tottenham Hotspur.

“But don’t be a Jamie O’Hara, who doesn’t listen to the advice given to him from people who are experienced in the game and then filters and falls away.”