Jeff Stelling and Ally McCoist Question Timing of Potential Points Deduction for Everton

Jeff Stelling and Ally McCoist have raised eyebrows over the Premier League’s decision to delay the announcement of a potential points deduction for Everton until after the current season concludes.

On Sunday night, reports surfaced indicating that both Everton and Nottingham Forest are likely to face charges for allegedly breaching the Premier League’s profitability and sustainability regulations (PSR). The alleged breaches are expected to be referred to an independent commission, with clubs being notified of any charges on Monday.

Premier League guidelines allow clubs to incur a maximum loss of £105 million over a three-year period (£35 million per season). Everton, however, has already been penalized with a 10-point deduction earlier in the season for a separate breach related to the 2021/22 campaign. In contrast, Nottingham Forest has not previously violated these regulations.

Jeff Stelling, expressing his concern, questioned the timing of Everton’s potential sanctions and emphasized the peculiar outcome of enforcing a deduction after the season has concluded. Currently, Everton is precariously perched just one point above the relegation zone.

“I’m not really sure what more they have to do,” Stelling remarked during a talkSPORT discussion. “They’ve sold some of their big names and haven’t really brought anybody in, so what more do they have to do?”

Stelling pointed out a significant flaw in the process, stating, “The daftest thing about all of this is that if there is a charge against any of the clubs and then there is an appeal, the final decision on any sanctions won’t be made until 24 May, five days after the end of the Premier League season.”

Expressing concern about the uncertainty this creates, Stelling added, “So we could finish the Premier League season not knowing their fate, and potentially which division they’re in. I assume a points deduction would be imposed this season… If they’re found in breach, they’ll have breached the rules this season, so any penalty will apply this season.”

Ally McCoist echoed Stelling’s sentiments, labeling the situation as “absolute madness.” He raised the possibility of a scenario where Everton or Forest could finish just a few points outside the relegation zone but still face relegation due to delayed sanctions.

“Well, that’s absolute madness. You could then have a season where Everton or Forest could finish two or three points outside of the relegation zone and still get relegated,” McCoist remarked, emphasizing the potential unfairness of the situation.

Following Everton’s goalless draw against Aston Villa on Sunday, manager Sean Dyche was approached for his thoughts on the looming possibility of further punishment. Dyche remained cautious, stating, “We are just waiting on the news. The last time the news came out of the blue as you know, it might do again, we have to wait and see. You don’t know until you know. I’ll explain further if and when the news comes through.”