Jose Mourinho takes ANOTHER swipe at Manchester United’s good fortune following 100th minute penalty at Brighton

There will not be fans to greet him but Jose Mourinho is ensuring their is plenty of animosity waiting for him when he returns to Old Trafford after he took another swipe at Manchester United.

The Tottenham boss was less-than-impressed with the good fortune of his old side this weekend when a penalty – awarded AFTER the final whistle – allowed Bruno Fernandes to steal a 3-2 win for United against Brighton.

In contrast, Tottenham were the victims of a stoppage time penalty that saw three points become one and for Mourinho, he was left feeling that ‘some clubs’, a not-so-subtle dig at United, have different possibilities late on in games.

‘At some clubs, even after the last whistle, it’s possible for something important to happen,’ Mourinho said.

Mourinho rarely likes to bite his tongue and he refused to do just that when United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer poked fun at him for having the goals measured and replaced in Europa League qualifying.

The Spurs boss ordered UEFA to change the goalposts at the North Macedonian side Shkendija’s ground after he and his players realised the crossbar was five centimetres too low during the warm-up.

Solskjaer then made fun of Mourinho following United’s dramatic 3-2 victory over Brighton on Saturday.

‘We have to be grateful Jose (Mourinho) is not here to measure the goalposts,’ Solskjaer said. ‘It might have been smaller goals.’

Well, that was never going to go without a response from Mourinho and 24 hours later he got the chance to bite back, again pointing to United’s fortune with penalties.

‘I know the goalposts are fine,’ Mourinho told Sky Sports. ‘I think Ole yesterday was so happy and surprised with what happened to his team that he had a joke, but I understand that for him the dimensions of the goalpost are not important.

‘For him, what is important is the dimensions of the 18-yard box. He would never accept to play with a 17-yard box I think he would prefer a 22-yard box. For him would be better.’

United were awarded 22 penalties last season and have continued in similar form in 2020-21, winning two spot-kicks in their first three games in all competitions.

United host Tottenham next in the league following on from midweek Carabao Cup action and there will certainly be extra bite in the tackle if the managers continue to exchange verbal jibes between now and kick-off.