Journalist Says 777 Partners Will Not Complete Everton Takeover

The proposed takeover of Everton F.C. by Miami-based firm 777 Partners appears increasingly unlikely, according to reports from Everton News.

Despite an initial agreement with current owner Farhad Moshiri in September 2023, 777 Partners have yet to fulfill the Premier League’s financial requirements for ownership. Journalist Graeme Bailey expressed his skepticism about the deal’s success, suggesting it’s “doomed to end in failure.”

“From what I’m told, the takeover from 777 Partners won’t go through,” Bailey told Everton News. “I’ve been told that from the start. I’m told it’s very, very unlikely.”

Bailey further highlighted the presence of potential rival suitors, raising questions about the future of Everton’s debt: “I think there are other parties interested but what happens with the debt and if it passes to other peopleā€¦ It’s a fascinating situation. Well, fascinating is the wrong word, really. A daunting situation.”

This news comes as a blow to Everton fans who were hopeful of a change in ownership and potential financial backing. With 777 Partners seemingly out of the picture, the future of the club remains uncertain.