Kieran Maguire expresses concerns over 777 Partners’ competence in potential Everton takeover

Kieran Maguire, a renowned finance expert, has raised fresh concerns regarding the capabilities of 777 Partners amidst the ongoing uncertainty surrounding their potential acquisition of Everton Football Club, writes the Goodison.News. Maguire’s apprehensions stem from the history and track record of 777 Partners, which, he believes, bodes ill for Everton’s future. The growing noise surrounding various issues involving 777 Partners is becoming increasingly challenging to overlook.

On the “The Ripple Effect” podcast with James Lawrence Allcott on November 1, Maguire voiced his reservations concerning 777 Partners and the multitude of issues surrounding their prospective takeover. He emphasized the significance of examining the background of the individuals set to purchase an institution, emphasizing that 777 Partners has been notably vague about the origins of their funds.

One of the key concerns Maguire highlighted is the financial situation, both at Everton and within 777 Partners. These concerns raise questions about how they intend to finance and manage the comprehensive takeover, including the acquisition of Everton and all associated obligations. Maguire pointed out that 777 Partners’ involvement in British Basketball saw issues arise with a relatively modest sum of money, suggesting either incompetence or an organization stretched thin and struggling to manage its commitments.

Accusations of incompetence, even if mitigated by explanations of overextension due to their numerous ongoing investments, cast doubts on the impending takeover. Maguire’s worries are fueled by the growing list of problems surrounding 777 Partners, making their suitability as owners of a Premier League club the subject of intensified scrutiny.

The persistent reports of alleged wrongdoings in various spheres, ranging from their multiple investments to legal disputes in the United States, do not instill confidence in 777 Partners as stable and capable owners for Everton. Addressing these concerns directly and transparently will be essential to alleviate these doubts. The Premier League and independent panels are expected to scrutinize 777 Partners thoroughly before making a determination on their eligibility for the takeover.